Matt Frye

Owner / Lead Photographer

About Matt Frye


If we don’t already know each other, I’m looking forward to meeting you. I love getting to know new people and hearing their life passions!

As for me ….. I love exploring, learning, my wife, our incredible little family and photography. I suppose photography was my first love. I fell hard during a childhood trip to Colorado. I remember how it felt, getting up early in the morning to capture the beautiful sunlight and shadows on the peaks. I was so excited after the first day of shooting, I had to find a Walgreens to develop the film. The results were breathtaking … I was hooked.

In college and beyond, friends were hard pressed to find me without a camera in my hands. I studied photojournalism and worked in newsrooms for almost a decade. Everyday of work was exciting. Everyday I met new people, heard about their stories, their passions, their struggles and victories. It was enlightening and humbling.

Documenting wedding stories was a natural transition for me. It brought my love of people, my excitement about their joys and my passion for story-driven images together. The time I spent as a photojournalist gave me the tools to help people feel comfortable during photo shoots, to think quickly on my feet and adapt to the changes throughout each day seamlessly.

If you would like to connect, please feel free to call or email me.

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Phone : 816-885-7604