Peter Yankowsky

Lead Photographer

About Peter Yankowsky

Hi I’m Peter!

What’s the best part about being a photographer? Meeting new people!

I started, like my colleagues here at One Tree, as a photojournalist and documentarian. Through my countless hours of driving from story to story, I met hundreds of people from every walk of life and was given the opportunity to tell a tiny piece of their story. Sometimes joyous, other times heartbreaking, but always real. Though my time as a working journalist is long in the past, I am still very much a documentary photographer. Every day making images of peoples lives, telling morsels of their stories on film. (Yes real grainy touchable film! ha!) My gallery artwork is all shot on black and white 4×5 film with an old, under the hood style camera. It shows locally here in Kansas City as well as internationally and can also be found in the Smithsonian Institute’s permanent collection.

But what’s the best part about being a wedding photographer? You guessed it! Meeting people! Weddings are awesome! Mirroring what I love about journalism, meeting new people, witnessing new love, and sharing in what are often the most memorable moments of life are what make documenting your wedding my dream job. Weddings are not all that different from my gallery work; I get to bring my documentary background to every wedding I shoot. You’ll certainly see me standing on chairs or smashed into corners always looking for the best frame to document bursts of laughter or joy driven tears. A wedding day is a challenge and an adventure, it has highs and lows but mostly it has love. And a party.
I’m always up for an adventure or some coffee. Enough about me, let me hear your story!